Moomiyo and Golden Root helped Russian elite athletes dominate World sports competition in the 1950, 60s, 70s and 80s. The research and studies were kept secret until about 1990.
Muscle Valley learned of the studies and in 1998 put both herbs in our first supplement and that introduced them to the US.

Part of Tribolistan Complex

                                        Rhodiola Rosea
                          aka Golden Root or Arctic Root

Rhodiola Rosea, aka Golden Root, was originally discovered in Siberia where plants have to be very hearty to survive. In various studies Golden Root has been shown to significantly increase stamina due to improved oxygen uptake and efficiency at a cellular level, to improve recovery time from heavy physical activity, to boost immunity and, in general, to boost an overall feeling of well being.

35 years of intensive clinical studies performed at leading Russian and Scandinavian clinics show that Golden Root can increase protein synthesis, increase blood supply to muscles and the brain and improve athletic performance.

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