"After a couple months I was convinced! Why should I keep spending $3 a day on a certain energy shot when this (S-Factors) is way less and I'm getting more out of it?"
                                                              Brian P, CA
"Ain't nothing like a good shot of Strength Factors! I work at elevations usually over 8000 ft. but I live at 5000. Used to be exhausted when I got home, but now I actually have a little left in the tank to get stuff done around home."
                                                              Eddy S, CO
"Seriously! I had no idea something could work this well. I'm on my feet all day at the hospital. I've been taking S-Factors for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say, wonderful! Really looking forward to what it can do in the next 6 weeks."
                                                             Valerie G, TX
"3 bottles and lots more strength and energy...just like the ad said. Good product."
                                                             Justin G, TN

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"I take Strength Factors with me when I go to the Rockies because it helps me so much with the elevation. I can really feel the increase in endurance when I'm biking, which is usually over 9,000 ft. Or on that road between Boulder and Lyons which is probably around 5500 ft." 
                                                             Julia S, MO 
"We have 4 teenagers and a 7 year old. Thank God
for Strength Factors!                                       
                                                             Becky S, TX

This hike used to exhaust us. Not any
more thanks to Strength Factors

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